Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Lawn Mowing

Our complete lawn mowing services will give you a beautiful-looking lawn without the hassle. You’ll have the same staff working on your lawn each time and we can work with you on a set schedule so you know when to expect us. Using the right equipment is also an important part of lawn care. Our lawn mowing equipment is commercial grade and is well-maintained to ensure that your lawn will look its best each and every time we’re there. Our lawn mowing services

also include the following:

  • Trimming
  • Blowing grass off of sidewalks
  • Clean Up
  • Bagging & disposal of yard waste (additional charge)

Plug Aeration

Aerating is a technique that is commonly used by golf courses to keep full, lush fairways and greens. In your yard, aeration can help prevent thinning lawns by loosening the soil and allowing nutrients to flow to the roots more easily. Aeration is typically done annually or bi-annually and its results are seen over time. Greencoast Landscaping recommends aeration for maintenance of a healthy lawn.

Lawn Overseeding

Every couple of years, over-seeding your lawn can combat the effects of older grass that starts to die over time. Greencoast Landscaping can over-seed your lawn in one of two ways – aerating and seeding (most common) or slit-seeding. Either method will provide good results to start new growth in older areas of your lawn.

Shrub Trimming

Trimming your shrubs and other greenery in your yard is important to keep them blooming at the proper times and minimizes overgrowth, keeping your property looking neater. Greencoast Landscaping’s trained and experienced staff know when to trim certain plant species and when not to, and will schedule the trimming of your shrubs with you. When they’re finished, they’ll make sure to clean up after trimming so that your yard or landscaped area is clear of debris.

Sidewalk Edging

Adding sidewalk edging adds the exclamation point to your outdoor space. It can enhance the appearance of your property, prevent overgrowth, and eases snow removal preventing damage to your landscaping during the winter months.

Fall Cleanup

Make sure your lawn is properly prepared for winter! Greencoast Landscaping will schedule a cleanup day to clean flower / rock beds, mow the lawn, and bag / dispose the clippings and other yard waste. Preparing for winter will help prevent buildup under the snow which can suffocate and kill your lawn.

Spring Cleanup & De-Thatching

In the spring, Greencoast Landscaping can help get your lawn ready for a busy summer season. We’ll clean out any flower/rock beds and de-thatch the lawn to remove any dead grass clippings or leaves from the previous fall season, allowing your lawn to grow thicker and greener. We’ll also dispose of any debris and clean up the yard so that it looks great and is ready to use.
For deeper yard cleanup on the thicker lawn, power-raking is available for an additional charge.