Design and Installation

Design and Installation

Greencoast Landscaping can provide virtually any landscaping service you need. No matter the size of the project, you’ll get great service and great results with your outdoor spaces. Our landscaping services include:

Lawn Installation

  • Hydroseeding provides the easiest startup, a healthier looking lawn long-term, and an affordable budget. It is also the most common way to install a new lawn.
  • Sod installation will give you an instant lawn, but will require a bit more maintenance. Sod typically is more expensive, but can still be a reasonable cost depending on the size of your lawn.
  • Hand-raked seeding is the most cost-effective way to start your lawn, but has no covering for the seed, which makes it difficult to keep it watered enough without allowing the seeds to dry out.

Retaining Walls

Lawns with hills or embankments can sometimes be a challenge. Retaining walls can help give you a more practical and functional lawn by leveling out the surface of the lawn. Greencoast Landscaping can design and install your retaining wall – whether it’s around windows of your home to allow for fire escapes or in your yard to hold back banks and prevent soil erosion.

Landscape Design

Wish you knew what your yard could look like with some great landscaping? Greencoast Landscaping can show you in the design process. You’ll be able to see your ideas on paper and we’ll make recommendations on which plants / foliage is best for your lawn or outdoor area. If you’re not sure you can do everything all at once, that’s ok. We’re flexible and can do your project if needed to work with your budget or time schedule.

Shrub & Tree Installation

Replace old / dead plants or trees, or add more to your existing landscaping. Greencoast Landscaping will take care of finding the right plants for your space and install them hassle free.

Patios and Walkways

Add more usable living space to your home with an outdoor patio. Walkways also add dimension, texture, and function while protecting your landscaping.